Texas Rangers

Stadium Activations

Dimensional Innovations’ designers and artists worked to create a number of thematic elements that help engage the youngest of Rangers fans in the revelry of the game.

Themed elements include a baseball bat slide and an interactive “T” logo that responds to movement and activity in the zone.

Perhaps the most interesting piece of this experience is the Boomstick Express, a 15-foot-long hot dog on wheels. Built to celebrate National Hot Dog Month, the giant mobile hot dog was designed and built in less than two weeks.

It’s currently used to parade winners of a ballpark contest with a public ride around the outfield during games. The hot dog and bun are constructed from hard-coated foam. The condiments were cleverly made from many other kinds of materials, ranging from Sintra to acrylic.

…the Hy-Vee Hot Zone is a memorable experience because of some of the elements that were implemented for the first time; such as the use of the fire in the stage and signage, the Airstream, and the heavy use of technology in the space.

Daniel Willrich, AIA, Asst. Director, Store Architecture Hy-Vee, inc

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