Nate Borozinski

Innovations Lab Manager
Nate served for 6 years in the US Navy as a Nuclear Mechanic on board the USS Georgia, an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine. In order to be assigned to the sub he had to first complete the rigorous Naval Nuclear Power Training Pipeline.

Once back on land and after finishing his enlistment, Nate decided to start a new journey. He met and married his wife Meagan and they now have 3 kids. After working as a mechanic on forklifts for 3 years and just after having their first child, Nate and Meagan decided to use the GI Bill to further his education and 5 years later, he earned a degree in Industrial Design from the University of Kansas.

He started working in The Lab at Dimensional Innovations in 2013 and has enjoyed the challenges that are inherent to the job ever since. The culmination of all of his experiences and training are an excellent fit to the ever-changing, uber-technical, and fast-paced environment of The Lab.