Adam Stephens

Technology Installation Supervisor
With more than 10 years experience in both custom theater/home automation installation and custom fabrication with Dimensional Innovations, it’s no wonder Adam Stephens is a leader in the firm’s technology department.

Adam’s detail-oriented approach yields results for clients, and his work ethic, communication skills and time-management abilities contribute to his success. Before joining DI, Adam studied mechanical engineering and played football for the Colorado School of Mines.

His work portfolio with DI includes such notable jobs as the Liberty Memorial World War I Museum, flagship projects for Caribbean Cinemas and every touchscreen DI has installed to date.

Even more amazing than his impressive work is the fact that Adam is colorblind yet works every day with color-coded wires. Instead of relying on the color, he can actually tell wires apart using other factors, like the number of twists in the wire pair or location in the bundle.


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