As the world picks up speed, every organization under the sun must constantly be looking at ways to re-invent its experience.

Even though it’s in now a buzzword, the practice of experience design has been a long time coming. And for DI, experience design is not a hot business we jumped into, but a modern discipline we’ve been growing into since our inception in 1993.

It’s really about defining the purpose before designing the place. We look at the story of your space, think about your audience first, and with all the tools at our disposal, create a journey that will cause a desired effect. Amazement. Curiosity. Loyalty. Talk value. Commerce.

Where do you go from here? Talk to our team. For 25 years, we’ve been taking clients from remarkable ideas to remarkable results.

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Our Process

The benefit of working with DI is that we can take your idea, space and experience from start to finish. Rather than developing great designs, then bidding them out to another company and finding they’re way over budget, we keep the whole picture in mind and are able to design to a budget, often saving our clients time and money.


Understanding goals, experiencing the environment.


Exploring how the spaces start to look and feel.


Understanding specific details of each area.


Fully developing schemating design drawings + construction documentation.


Competing site work from prep through demolition + construction.


Producing and installing the brand activation.


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