The Evel Knievel Museum

Interactive Exhibits

Dimensional Innovations partnered with Mike Patterson, owner of the Historic Harley-Davidson Topeka dealership, to create interactive exhibits inside The Evel Knievel Museum which opened in May 2017. Patterson expanded his dealership by 16,000-square-feet to house the museum, which now includes a 4D virtual reality jump experience and custom interactive displays.
The museum honors daredevil Evel Knievel through a mix of memorabilia and technology. DI created a custom 4D virtual reality experience that allows visitors to sit on a bike, place a custom helmet on, and experience a recent death-defying jump by Doug Danger, going over 16 cars as wind blows and the bike seat kicks up upon landing the jump.
Several of the interactive exhibits will incorporate lesson in STEM. The interactive ‘Jump Planner’ exhibit details the physics of planning a jump, taking into account angle, speed, and wind resistance, and then visitors can see if their jump will be successful.

The ‘Bad to the Bones’ injury explorer interactive display allows visitors to see the results of Knievel’s failed jumps – even pulling old videos and photos showing when he broke that exact bone. Knievel holds the Guinness World Record for surviving the most broken bones in a lifetime at 433.

In addition to the interactive displays, the museum, which houses the largest collection of Knievel memorabilia in the world, exhibits six of Knievel’s bikes, more than a dozen of his original leather costumes, helmets, fan letters, X-Rays, photos, and Knievel’s custom-built 1974 Mack Truck “Big Red” which he used to haul his bikes around the country. Patterson estimates the new museum will draw over 100,000 people a year.