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DI Tech Products

We’ve helped clients with large-scale interactive walls, augmented reality experiences, interactive kiosks, tradeshow and event installations, recruiting experiences, social media zones and even a custom Death Star. If you're interested in seeing what's possible, engage with us today.



Escape to a virtual reality. DIVR (Dimensional Innovations Virtual Reality) takes augmented reality to the next level by incorporating each and every sense into the experience. Everything that is needed to completely immerse the visitor into the space is meticulously designed and executed, creating a life-like fan experience like no other. DIVR is completely customizable and is the true next-level in immersive environments.


Immersion AR

Why take a photo next to a cardboard cut-out when Immersion AR (Augmented Reality) gives visitors the experiential opportunity to design and experience their own creation? This interactive technology can be used in a variety of settings, both permanent and mobile. It’s a great way to get fans to opt in to your marketing message, while gathering emails and encouraging social sharing of the resulting image.



Have a crazy idea? We love those.



Today’s tech-savvy consumer is comfortable controlling their world via touch. DI Touchscreens can be deployed across a wide range of uses, from single screens (of varying size) to large arrays in a permanent or mobile setting. It’s a great way to deliver a lot of information in different formats: video, text, graphics, statistics, photos. If you have a large collection of content, touchscreens make it easy to access for any level of user. It’s touching, really.


Live Gesture

Live Gesture technology, such as a virtual pop-a-shot, takes the game we all know and love and turns it into a digital and personal experience.
 A fan favorite, these branded experiences allow the fan’s score and a picture sent to their email address and can be a great way to get fans to opt-in to you or your sponsor’s marketing. We’re just setting you up for a slam dunk.


Active Tech

Being able to compare your skills with a pro is a unique experience for fans. Whether it’s speed, a vertical jump or reaction time, getting a sense for how you match up is a humbling and fun way to connect fans with players. Make space come alive as a visitor approaches, capitalizing on a sense of surprise. Using sensors, in conjunction with the patron’s smartphone or tablet, the environment is only active when it needs to be.


Responsive Lighting

We’re full of bright ideas. Literally. Rapid advances in sensor technology are using illumination and lighting solutions to create an intuitive and highly personalized link between people and their environment. They can react to a person’s presence and provide on-demand illumination and a custom lighting experience.


DI Pose

Engaging with your younger audience is a great way to foster brand loyalty and encourage life-long fans. Using proprietary software, the DI Pose Simulator allows your fans to see how they compare to their favorite player. Baseball, golf, football – you name it. Just strike the pose and see how you measure up.


DI Capture

Smile! We can create a custom kiosk for your fans to pose for a photo that’s generated into a sharable, branded playing card. This is an easy way to extend the fan experience beyond game day – and is a great way for your fans to opt-in to a brand’s message. You can capture email addresses and more for future communications.


Di Virtual Clone

Some objects or experiences are so rare that only a select few may ever experience them in real life. Until now. Our virtual clone technology uses 3D scanning, allow your visitors the opportunity to see and touch rare objects that may otherwise be out of reach for the public. We made a virtual clone of the Stanley Cup that allowed fans to touch an inscription which would then show photos and statistics from that winning moment or season. How cool is that?


DI Social Hub

We all know that social media is kind of big deal. It’s the number one way to create buzz and conversation about your brand. For fans, millennials in particular, being able to see their Tweet or Instagram photo displayed for all to see is a huge thrill. A customized social hub can pull several social media platforms together in an engaging way and create a central station for your brand and event.


DI Broadcast Booth

Everyone wants to be close enough to their favorite athlete to get the real scoop. Allow young fans, and young-at-heart fans, to take over from a reporting angle by using a microphone and reading from a teleprompter. DI can build a branded reporting booth that can facilitate this type of fun and memorable interaction.

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