Kansas City Public Library Parking Garage

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Called the world’s most enjoyable parking structure, iconic book bindings clad the outside of the Kansas City downtown library’s parking garage.

In a true community effort, Kansas City residents were asked to help pick titles that represent the city. Rare books were professionally photographed and imaging software modified and placed the titles. An aluminum substructure with clear Plexiglas windows through the center of the books allows light into the parking garage.

The simple construction of aluminum with applied large format graphics is a great case study of how well design-build works with collaboration and a fixed budget. DI partnered with JE Dunn, CDFM2, Jonathan Kemper and MC Lioness on the project, which has won multiple awards, including an SEGD Award and an IDSA award.

These oversized books have become the most recognizable and widely discussed additions to Kansas City’s redeveloping core. This project not only celebrates books, reading and the city on a massive scale, it also transforms these modest, familiar objects into monuments infused with hope and possibility.
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