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Tony Rose

Shipping & Receiving Manager

Handling all of the shipping and receiving duties for a company like Dimensional Innovations is a tall order for anyone, but shipping and receiving manager Tony Rose is always ready and able to meet the needs of this growing company.

In addition to his shipping duties, Tony is also responsible for driver training for all company vehicles and forklifts. With 10 years at DI on his resume, Tony is experienced in all areas of production, from machining parts on a CNC router to assembly, painting and even installation. Tony’s production experience has given him immense knowledge of the shipping requirements for the custom products that DI manufactures.

Recently married and ready to grow their family with children, Tony and his wife enjoy traveling to places as far away as Japan. In his free time, Tony also likes to work on cars, watch movies from the 80’s, and practice his board sports, like skateboarding and wakeboarding.