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Jerry Heath

Production Supervisor

With several years of experience at DI, Jerry adds efficiency in production and quality to projects. Working on nearly all of the things DI fabricates, Jerry’s worked on the world’s largest hockey helmet, an eight-foot polar replica and a diner that’s designed to look like a train wrecked into it.

As a skilled CNC (or computer numerically controlled machine) programmer, Jerry oversees the team that inputs the detailed instructions that guides robotic arms and tools to perform precision machining cuts. Working off engineering’s digital build-out of fabrication jobs, Jerry’s department helps to keep DI efficient and eco-friendly by eliminating waste.

Outside of the office, Jerry enjoys family time with his wife and kids, as well as the family’s two dogs, whether it’s playing on their Nintendo Wii or remodeling the house. In fact, he even goes to work in the CNC room with his brother, Jason, every day.