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Interdisciplinary vs. Multidisciplinary

Our disciplines span six categories: Branding, Design, Technology, Build, Launch and Innovation.

Instead of saying we are “multi-disciplinary,” we are “interdisciplinary.” Our teams are integrated, where everyone has a voice at the table. Practically, it means that we don’t strategize or design in a vacuum – our strategists, designers, engineers, builders and marketers are all under the same roof and sit together at the same table.

This makes it faster, smarter and on-budget. Philosophically it works because no single discipline has a monopoly on the human experience. Everyone is invested in making it awesome.

Now, the final voice at the table is yours. You’ll always know more about your business than we ever will. Because you eat, drink and sleep your stuff, and because we eat, drink and sleep our stuff, the results of us working together are better than if we did it alone.

Interdisciplinary collaboration makes ideas better.

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More Important Now Than Ever

If you’re responsible for brand experiences today, you’re likely not simply trying to find new ways of putting your logo on a wall. Engaging your audiences in creative ways is more difficult than ever before because audiences arrive expecting to be “wowed.”

Because every challenge is unique, every one of our brand experience are one-of-a-kind. For the past 20 years, we’ve helped our clients drive awareness, engage audiences, and deliver value. Our team of brand strategists and designers execute across a broad range of categories:

  • Strategy & Development
  • Customer Experience Research
  • Design
  • Partner Integration & Activations
  • Civic and Community Branding

Of particular note, many of our clients face the challenge of how their brand integrates with the brands of their partners for in-venue activations. If this is you, we would love to share some of our work.

indianapolis colts and sprint logo kansas city chiefs, hyvee, and coca-cola logo pittsburgh penguins, pittsburgh tribune, bayer, highmark blue cross logo


"_________" Designer

Graphic designer, interactive designer, interior designer, industrial designer, environmental designer, neurocognitive – just about any word you can put in front of the word designer, we have them at DI.

And while it’s best to let our designs speak for themselves, we also believe that if you’re considering becoming a DI client, you want to know how we get to great designs. Here are some of our guiding thoughts:

1 - It can only be great if the client is involved. To encourage collaboration, we host Joint Design Sessions where all of us – including you – go through inspiration boards, sketch ideas, trash ideas, change ideas, develop new ideas. It’s great for us because we get to benefit from your depth of knowledge of your brand/business/team; and it’s great for you because you get to benefit from our experience on thousands of other design experiences.

2 - Never forget the humans. For every great idea, it’s critical we hold it up against that moment when a real person has to interact with the design. What will they feel? What will they think? How have we provided joy, surprise, delight, clarity, inspiration? Is it too cool? Is it too practical? As designers, do we love it? Is it as awesome as it could be yet?

3 - Don’t be afraid. While we can design just about everything, don’t be afraid to admit when we don’t know the answer. Keep asking questions. Keep trying new things. Keep breaking things until you know it works.

4 - Be the fun part of the client’s day. C’mon, we’re not accountants.

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The Idea Factory (with the actual factory)

If you are considering us against a design firm that calls itself some version of an “idea factory,” we just want to point out that we actually have the factory. DI is located in a 70,000 square foot workshop where the designers, engineers and craftsmen and women work together every day. Sculptors, welders, woodworkers, makers, builders, artists and a bunch of other highly talented people who can make just about anything.

Because we share the same roof, we are all equally invested and can collaborate in real time. Our clients agree it’s faster, more efficient, and more cost effective.

Our digital engineers are not simply a bunch of nerds with pocket protectors, they have backgrounds in engineering, industrial design, graphic design and interior architecture. We create digital shop drawings that eliminate the need for the builders to guess or improvise when the experience is being built.

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It's Go Time

As a discipline, Launch is a mix of advertising, public relations, marketing and promotion.

At DI, our launch team is a small pod of crazy ex-ad agency execs who are having more fun than they could have ever imagined. Essentially, it's an award-winning boutique firm dedicated to DI clients exclusively.

We develop and execute launch plans using both traditional and non-traditional tactics, including PR stunts, advertising, film, video and promotions as well as temporary tattoos (ask us), private jets (ask us), cardboard boxes (ask us) and phosphorous-charged filaments to make a rum bottle light up (yeah, ask us.)

We probably aren't a great fit to be your "real" ad agency, but if you're stuck in a rut, maybe we can give your team a little push. Our team has executed launches for nearly every kind of company, brand and product imaginable. When a client's in-house marketing and creative teams are too swamped, we can provide a SWAT team of industry veterans to get the job done.

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What's next?

Our Innovation Lab has developed a reputation for helping our clients look into the future.

When clients don’t want it done the same way it’s been done before, our innovations team gets involved. Not simply a wacky brainstorming lab, our team has an proven approach for developing the next generation of products and experiences. With several successful innovations, including giving birth to Shield Casework and several proprietary products:

  • Duralite
  • Duracoat
  • Duracrete
  • Alumilite
  • DuraPlex

With our hands on approach to design, the iterative process moves very quickly. From concept to working prototype, we create, design, and build almost everything we do.

Could be products, could be processes, could be materials. We don’t limit ourselves to any category, any specialty, any scale, any niche. While most of our projects are confidential, we are happy to hide the evidence and have you over. For the kind of client that needs a [neurocognitive, nuclear physics, reactor theory, sensory research, thermodynamics, physiological response, parametric engineering, product design, user experience, app design, ethnographic, specialty fabrication, 3D modeling, rapid prototyping, creative thinking] team, we’d love to help.

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