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Wearable Technology Lacks Innovation

December 18, 2013
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There’s a lot of buzz about wearable technology, but how much data is actually behind what people will wear and why they want it?

Our Innovation Lab recently conducted a survey about consumer preferences in wearable technology. Paired with an analysis of the tech trend’s history and current options on the market, the infographic gives a picture of the how the industry developed and where it’s headed.

Results show that while 75 percent of respondents are willing to try wearable technology, most current products fail to resonate with consumers, in both design and functionality.

Product developers need to know:

2013 market trends still aren’t meeting consumer needs.
 Gaps and growth areas clearly exist for wearable technology: the market is ripe with potential.

While a majority of consumers are eager to try a wearable device, widespread adoption is still low.
 While many people are willing and perhaps ready to try a wearable device, most don’t know anything about the market, including what product would fit best with their lifestyles.

The fascinating (and sometimes humorous) history of wearable technology spans more than 50 years. 
Is wearable technology really a new trend, or are advances in computer technology simply allowing us to finally refine a 50-year-old idea? The market analysis suggests the latter.

This is the next direction where our communication will evolve. 
Just as smartphones have shifted our gaze from the desktop screen to our hands, so too should we expect wearable tech to alter the way we interact with technology. As more and more of us lead constantly connected lives, it’s inevitable that our possessions will join us.

Don’t just take our word for it. Dive into the infographic yourself: