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Technology is Only as Good as it’s Purpose

August 6, 2013
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This week we are participating in the SEAT Conference in Kansas City. SEAT, or the Sports and Entertainment Alliance in Technology, is an incredibly interesting group made up of CIOs and CTOs (amongst others) from professional and collegiate athletics.

Much of the conversation at this show centers on the in-stadium experience, and we can’t agree more with the focus. There are more advertising impressions per day than ever. There is also more competition for entertainment dollars (especially with the in-home experience) so it is not surprising for the industry to turn heavily towards thinking about their fans.

Big Data is also a driving force this week. Much is being gleaned from our in-venue experience, but the data is only as powerful as what we do with it. That’s why we are speaking this afternoon about the reasons behind technology installations. The data, the screen and really, any technology, is only as good as what we leverage it for.

How can we delight and engage our customers in ways that cannot compare to the couch? Our technology solutions have to tell stories, drive business results, and build community. The wrong technology in the wrong place can do exactly the opposite. Let’s make it count.