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Differentiate with Design Trends for 2013

January 7, 2013
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With 2012 come and gone – and an apocalypse averted – looking towards what’s coming our way in 2013 is inevitable. While so many “predictions for the new year” articles are ego-laden manifestos full of jargon only truly fathomed by the uber-tech crowd, we recently came across a blog post centered on design trends for 2013 with actual merit. A rare gem from the wide web world!

The article from the design-focused blog, Creative Bloq, does a nice job of recapping things that are on the rise in graphic design, from geometric patterns to high quality printing that’s designed to lure audiences away from digital format.

Let’s face it, who really says “no” to truly gorgeous design on textured, cover-weight paper? Yeah, we thought so.

The article does a great job of noting that the idea of following a trend is often looked down upon in the design world, yet somehow, those same trendy ideas and techniques pop up over and over again.

We say, it’s great to capitalize on a trend, as long as you make your own. For instance, in the sports marketing world, many brands and teams are headed to interactive experiences, creating custom content on wall-spanning touchscreens that wows fans and drives engagement. Trendy? Yes. Tired? No way.

Properly done, design can be the differentiator, even in design-based trends. (How’s that for tricky logic?) Great design centers on storytelling, visually capturing the unique essence of a brand. While some elements used in say, touchscreen wall executions, may resonate similarly for several teams, the experience is still vastly different in each one. It’s tailored, customized for the audience, for the team and for the project goals.

Our point? Don’t be afraid of trends. Embrace them. Claim them. Make them your own. Then take that knowledge, and the ideas you’ve gained, to your customers. They’ll thank you for it.

Check out the entire article and tell us what you think. To trend, or not to trend?