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Amenities, Exclusivity Fill Stadium Seats with Fans

February 26, 2014
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The incredible, comprehensive work DI completed for the University of Michigan has garnered even more attention: it’s featured in an article on stadium signage in the September edition of Signs of the Times magazine.

This article does a great job of cataloging the work various sports organizations have done to add amenities for fans that help fill stadiums, not couches. Fans today have higher expectations of their teams that ever before, and it’s increasingly clear that the current stadium experience isn’t meeting these needs.

We’ve covered that it’s vital for teams and brands to know what their fans really want. It is encouraging to see more and more organizations move in that direction. A recent USA Today article outlines the stadium innovations NFL teams are considering as it related to interconnectivity and social media:

“[Fans] want the ability to take out their tablet, send a Facebook picture and check the fantasy football scores,
so we have to provide that.” – Baltimore Ravens President Dick Cass

Great experiences exist in the space between knowing and anticipating needs. It’s where the fan experience and design intersect perfectly.

Locally, it’s easy to see this in action with the steps Sporting Kansas City has taken, especially in creating Sporting Innovations, the organization’s sports and entertainment technology spin-off company.

The article notes that because of the work Sporting Innovations has done, in some ways, the soccer game that’s occurring takes a backstage role to the technology/interactive experience for Sporting Kansas City fans. Avid sports fans ourselves, we would never advocate this, but as addicted live tweeters of sporting events, we find the idea intriguing.

It’s clear that sports organizations across the country, from collegiate to pro, soccer to football, and etc. are seeking ever more connected and integrated ways to appeal to fans. We don’t think anyone has the answer yet, but we think the steps progressive organizations — such as the University of Michigan, Sporting Kansas City and the Baltimore Ravens — are taking are certainly leading fans to what they’re really looking for.

What is comes down to is that the stadium experience has to offer something that nothing else can, whether it’s the sports bar down the street or the comfort of your couch. Premium experiences, exclusive access and dazzling amenities can implemented in ways that both increase fan loyalty and drive revenue. Check out DI’s sports portfolio to learn more about the engaging, design-based solutions we’ve offered our clients.